Error Bad Argument Type Consp Nil

7 Sep

Error Bad Argument Type Consp Nil

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Sep 2, 2014. Debugger entered–Lisp error: (wrong-number-of-arguments #[nil ". anywhere ( although as soon as you type something the candidates are typically limited to similar names). (when (consp (symbol-value minibuffer-history-variable)). `$ HOME=/tmp' and i start emacs, than /tmp is bad and /root is good.

By typing certain “bad'' expressions you can get ACL2 into a state in which the. If you type an ACL2 expression to the prompt, followed by a return, ACL2 will read the. (defun mem (e x) (if (consp x) (if (equal e (car list)) t (mem e (cdr x)) nil ))). The error message says IF was given four arguments and expects three.

src/image.c: * src/keymap.c: * src/process.c: * src/w32fns.c: * src/w32font.c: * src/w32notify.c: * src/w32term.c: * src/xdisp.c: * src/xfont.c: Add a third argument to Fassoc calls. * etc/NEWS: * doc/lispref/lists.texi: Document the.

Save a dwg in a subfolder with the same name as the file, using lisp code – I’m using a very useful lisp code I found (very slightly modified), that saves the dwg file with a date and time stamp. Can someone help me so that the date and time appears before the file’s name? For example I’d like the file to read "test.

Solved: My code returns the error, but it still works. (vl-load-com) (setvar "cmdecho" 0) (vlax-for ucs

Oct 12, 2007. If you only want to have the text, then just type whatever you need in the text box. not aware of an overridden dimension, you can really cause a job to go bad. "Program ERROR. functionbad argument type: consp nil".

. всё это приложение понимает. Но нельзя использовать сплайны и эллипсы – приложение выдаст ошибку: error: bad argument type: consp nil.

(assq ITEM ALIST): Returns pairs from ALIST whose car is ITEM or nil if ITEM. TYPE is an atomic type that is specified as the first argument to the function Utterance. [see section 18 Intonation]; (Intonation_Default UTT): this method is such a bad intonation module that it. If CONS1 not of type consp an error is is given.

Issue You received an error message beginning with the words Error: 'Bad argument type'. Error: 'Bad argument type: consp nil'. same bad argument type error in.

Hi all, I have created around 16 Layers and Object Data Tables for the same. Both of their Naming convention are same. I would like to check the

12. They Called It LISP for a Reason: List Processing. Lists play an important role in Lisp–for reasons both historical and practical. Historically, lists were Lisp.

With prefix argument, it uses the text of the region as the selection value." (interactive (if (not current-prefix-arg) @@ -170,17 +174,18 @@ (and (consp. error "Unknow selection type: %S" type)) ))) (setq next-selection-coding-system.

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Some of our emulations may only be approximate, in the sense that certain syntactic variations are not supported, and certain error conditions are. for functions which have no arguments and return no values.vname nil)) (tagbody (setq.

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Bootmgr Compressed Error Xp Hi all, Having an issue with imaging a PC (Dell Optiplex 980) using SCCM. I am trying to image it with a SCCM Boot cd, and initially I got a network driver adapter error. After degragging I could not turn the computer on again. Everytime I got a black screen and the message "Bootmgr is

(Which values can be modified depends on the type of advice. :before and :around advice may change the argument. (consp ,object) (car ,object) ,object)))) safe-car USER(26): (safe-car ‘(1 2)) 1 USER(27): (advise safe-car :before expand.

when I run this code all excell file are closed but message desplya "close all excel spreadsheet to continue" and then this error occure. error: bad argument type.

If I do C-u M-x recompile inside a buffer that's not the *compilation* buffer, (i.e. the source file for instance), I get this error – "Wrong type argument: consp.

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